Below are details of the committees of the board of directors and their responsibilities

Remuneration and Nomination Committee

Timothy Rice (Chairman), Andrew Boyce

To determine the remuneration packages of the executive directors, approve and share option proposals for other employees and undertake investigations regarding any potential disciplinary matters regarding board members.

Audit Committee

Andrew Magson (Chair), Tim Rice

To monitor the integrity of the financial statements and any formal announcements relating to financial performance, reviewing significant financial reporting judgments therein.

To review internal financial controls and internal control, along with management of strategic risks.

Overseeing the company’s relations with the external auditor.

IP Committee

Yuri Zhuk (Chairman), Philip Kirkham, Andrew Magson

To review all matters relating to intellectual property including patents, trademarks and so on. It is also responsible for non-disclosure agreements and joint development agreements designed to protect and develop intellectual property.

Sustainability & Risk Committee

Andrew Magson (Chair), Philip Kirkham, Simon Hallam

To identify the strategic, operational, sustainability and financial risks to which the Group may be exposed and recommend how these may be avoided, mitigated, insured against or some combination of these.