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Approved Supplier to the Airbus Group
Enabling High Speed X-Ray Baggage Scanning
Solving problems and supplying GE since 2014
Hard Chrome, HVOF and Cadmium Plating replacement
Developing solutions for key helicopter components
Extending the life of downhole tooling
Solving problems for BAE Systems
Hardie Industry Certifications and Approvals

Advanced surface coating technology

Our range of nanostructured tungsten carbide/tungsten metal matrix composite coatings combine exceptional wear and corrosion resistance with toughness and ductility.

Applied by low temperature chemical vapour deposition (CVD), they offer a unique combination of protective and life-extending properties in one coating.

The coatings can be applied to a wide range of metallic substrates including stainless steels, superalloys, tool and carbon steels as well as nickel, copper and cobalt-based alloys, and are a recognised replacement for hard chrome and cadmium plating, chemically formed ceramics and HVOF tungsten carbides.

Nadcap Accredited