Hardide coatings provide excellent protection in demanding high-end precision engineering and industrial applications.

The chemical vapour deposition (CVD) process facilitates a uniform and conformal Hardide coating with a homogenous nanostructure that is perfectly suited to precision engineered components. The combination of high hardness with excellent toughness and ductility provides impressive wear resistance, meaning a 50 micron thick Hardide coating can achieve superior performance to much thicker layers of other hard coatings.

Ultra-low temperature variants of our coatings, Hardide-LT and Hardide-LA, have been specially developed for coating grades of steel and alloys whose mechanical properties may be sensitive to the typical process temperature of 460° – 520°C / 860° – 968°F. Hardide-LT and Hardide-LA are produced at a significantly lower temperature, below 370°C / 698°F, enabling a wider scope of precision applications.

Our coatings are proven to provide component life-extending properties for speciality material processing applications where resistance to wear or galling is vital, such as areas working against elastomeric seals, moulds for forming ceramics and plastics, powder metallurgy forming tools and complex IGT components.


Hardide coatings provide superior protection for many precision engineering applications including:

  • Airport X-ray screening machine components

  • Complex 3D printed components

  • Construction equipment high-wear parts

  • Helicoil inserts

  • High pressure cylinder adaptors

  • Hydraulic cylinders and pistons

  • Hydraulic manifold blocks

  • IGT & Steam turbine compressor blades

  • Injection tooling

  • Linear motor drive screws

  • Motorsport components

  • Plastics extrusion feeder screws and die plates

  • Satellite protection systems

  • Seal sleeves

  • Silicon wafer production

  • Textile feed mechanisms

  • Transmission components