Wear, erosion, corrosion and chemical attack on components used in oil and gas exploration and production costs millions of dollars per year in downtime, maintenance and part replacement.

Hardide coatings are used to protect, improve the performance and extend the life of components used throughout the oil and gas drilling and production processes, reducing downtime and costs in the most challenging of operating conditions.

From downhole and directional drilling tools that are subject to severe slurry and chemical erosion combined with abrasive wear to fine wire mesh filtration screens used for sand control, our coatings are helping the industry to explore and produce onshore and offshore for longer and with greater cost efficiency.


Recent developments of the Hardide coating process mean we can now coat fine wire mesh and screens. Hardide coatings can be applied to filtration process components such as sand screens to significantly optimise life and performance.


Hardide coatings are especially seal friendly and reduce the wear of counter-body materials thereby enhancing sealing performance and system efficiency even in high-pressure and high-temperature environments.

The coatings can be applied to internal bores and complex shapes and are approved and specified by major oilfield service companies on the internal diameters of a variety of nozzles, tubes, sleeves and bores used in oil and gas drilling and production.

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) requires tools that can operate in extremely harsh environments with abrasive materials. Hardide coatings play a crucial role in optimising the performance and cost-effectiveness of fracking operations. They are in use on fracking seats in aggressive sand conditions to prevent wear of the seat which enables the ball to seal effectively against the seat enabling pressure to be built in that stage, as well as on plugs and stems for fracking valves.

Our coating technology reduces our customers’ carbon footprints by enabling extended drilling time, optimum part performance and less-frequent part replacement. They are environmentally safe and EU and UK REACH-compliant and are often used to replace HVOF, Hard Chrome plating and PVD coatings.


Hardide coatings provide superior protection for many energy industry parts and applications including:

  • Articulation tools

  • Artificial lift equipment

  • Ball valves

  • Cementing tools
  • Choke valves

  • Completion equipment

  • Drill stem test tools

  • Expandable tools

  • Fracking seats

  • Governor valves

  • MWD and LWD tools

  • Mud pumps

  • Plugs

  • ROV parts

  • Rotary steerable tools

  • Seals and Bearings

  • Stems

  • Subsea chokes

  • Subsea stab connectors

  • Turbo drilling tools

  • Well stimulation tools