Approved by Airbus, our Hardide-A coating has been developed and proven as a direct hard chrome replacement.  It is a truly conformal coating for standard diameters, complex geometries and internal bores.

Hardide-A matches the standard thickness (50-100 microns) and hardness (800-1200 Hv) of hard chrome plating and outperforms the material in several critical areas:

Matches the thickness of hard chrome plating
Matches the hardness of hard chrome plating
Fatigue improvement over uncoated parts

By matching existing properties, the use of Hardide-A as a hard chrome replacement coating for hard chrome plating (HCP) simplifies the switch as no dimensional changes or drawing re-design is necessary.

During testing, Hardide-A set a new benchmark and demonstrated a better high cycle fatigue endurance than HCP and exceptionally good corrosion resistance when exposed to a salt-fog environment.

Hardide tungsten carbide coatings have been approved by Airbus, BAE Systems, Leonardo Helicopters and Lockheed Martin.

Property Hard Chrome Hardide-A
Wear resistance Good Good
Corrosion Poor (cracked) Very good resistance to corrosion and acids
Fatigue Significant fatigue debit, typically -20% Minimal fatigue debit among hard coatings, ranging from +10% to -10%
Environmental regulations compliance Restrictions by OSHA (US) and REACH (EU) Complies with current regulations; Process ISO 14001 certified