Hardide erosion resistant coatings combine extreme hardness with enhanced toughness providing excellent protection against erosion at various impingement angles.

Under ASTM G76-95 erosion resistance testing, the Hardide-T erosion resistant coating shows:

Lower erosion than HVOF 85WC-10Co-4Cr
Lower erosion than stainless steel
Better erosion resistance than cemented carbide
Erosion rate per hour in ASTM G76-95 test

In practical applications, it is often difficult to prevent particles in turbulent fluid or gas flows from bombarding surfaces from various impingement angles. Hard but brittle materials suffer from high erosion rates at angles close to 90 degrees while ductile and tough metals which lack hardness are eroded more quickly at lower impingement angles of 30 degrees, due to ploughing and cutting effects.

Erosion tests demonstrate that Hardide erosion resistant coatings have consistently lower erosion rates at different impingement angles than other coatings and hard materials. This is due to the unique combination of hardness, toughness and compressive stresses which makes it the superior solution for components operating in harsh, high-erosion environments.