Hardide coatings are free from cobalt, an important advantage for nuclear applications where cobalt-containing alloys and hard-facing can be hazardous.

HVOF - Chemical Resistance

Hardide CVD coating on cemented carbide

Corrosion and wear resistant Co Alloys produce small amounts of Co-containing debris which can be carried with the coolant fluids into the reactor zone. Neutron irradiation can produce radioactive Co60 isotope, which is a strong emitter of highly penetrating gamma-radiation with a half-life of 5.27 years. Highly radioactive Co60 can be absorbed from the coolant flow into the surface of the primary system components making them a source of occupational radiation exposure.

Hardide coatings are an excellent solution to the problem of a cobalt-free hardfacing with good tribological properties and enhanced resistance to wear, erosion, corrosion and cavitation.