The adhesive properties and bond strength of Hardide coatings have surpassed the independent ASTM C633 test.

The ability of any surface coating to adhere to the coated substrate is of utmost importance to avoid component failure, repairs and downtime.

Independent ASTM C633-01 testing has shown that the adhesion bond strength of the Hardide coating is greater than 70 MPa or 10,000 psi (adhesive glue can separate at lower rates).

The images below illustrate the coating’s ability to survive impact, significant substrate deformations and shock loads without spalling or cracking.

Hardide - Chemical Resistant Coating
Impact Resistant
1mm diameter indentation from impact
HVOF - Chemical Resistance
Scratch test
50 microns thick Hardide-T coating on steel

4140 steel test ring with Hardide coating

A steel test ring with 50 microns of Hardide coating was crushed to test coating adhesion and toughness.

Hardide - Chemical Resistant Coating

The crushed test ring showed no flaking or coating separation from the substrate.

HVOF - Chemical Resistance

The Hardide coating  retained integrity at the flat side of the ring despite significant deformations.

Hardide - Chemical Resistant Coating

The Hardide coating cracked only where the substrate cracked at the crushed end of the ring.