We develop and manufacture nanostructured tungsten carbide/tungsten metal matrix composite coatings for the aerospace industry.

Hardide-A aerospace coating is a direct replacement for hard chrome plating (HCP) and HVOF, matching the thickness and hardness of HCP and outperforming the material in several critical areas providing enhanced protection against galling, corrosion, wear, fretting, impact and fatigue.


We currently hold approvals from:

Airbus Group

Approved Supplier

BAE Systems

BAE Systems
Approved Supplier

Leonardo Helicopters
Leonardo Helicopters (Yeovil, UK)
Approved Supplier
Lockheed Martin
Approved by
Lockheed Martin
Triumph Group
Approved by
Triumph Actuation Systems

Independent tests have proven Hardide-A improves the fatigue life of metal components by 4.5% compared with uncoated substrates. The coating set a new benchmark, demonstrating a better high cycle fatigue endurance than HCP and exceptionally good corrosion resistance when exposed to a salt-fog environment.

Like all Hardide coating variants, Hardide-A is truly conformal with a smooth ‘as coated’ surface finish offering enhanced protection against corrosion and chemically aggressive media, wear and galling. It eliminates the need for post-coating shot peening operations and can be ground and super-finished if required.

Hardide-W is a potential replacement for Cadmium coating providing a corrosion barrier rather than a sacrificial mode and matching the typical thickness of Cadmium. Hardide-W is also truly conformal with a smooth ‘as coated’ finish and provides enhanced protection against galling, corrosion and fretting.

Hardide coatings can be applied to a wide range of metallic substrates including ferrous and nickel-based alloys, and most grades of stainless and carbon steels. A low temperature variant (sub 350°C) increases the range of suitable substrate steels.


Hardide-A is a superior coating for many aerospace parts and applications including:

  • Actuators

  • Bearing Systems

  • Control system components

  • Door mechanisms

  • Flap support pins

  • Gas turbine compressor blades & vanes

  • High lift systems (flaps, slats & spoilers)

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

  • Landing gear retract mechanisms

  • Shaft seal & bearing surfaces

  • Steering components

  • Thrust reversers & flap valve shafts

  • Torque tubes and pins

  • Wheel axles and pins

  • Wing structure components