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Hardide Coatings Technical Papers

Technical Papers

Technical Papers

Our world-leading expertise in surface coatings has seen us publish many industry papers and present at numerous conferences and events worldwide. Below you will find a selection of technical papers that we have written and presented.

Nanostructured CVD Tungsten Carbide Coating on Aircraft Actuators and Gearbox Shafts Reduces Oil Leakage and Improves Durability

Published online in February 2019, a peer-reviewed paper by Technical Director, Dr Yuri Zhuk in the Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance (JMEP). The article is an invited submission that has been expanded from a paper presented by Dr Zhuk at the 29th Advanced Aerospace Materials and Processes (AeroMat) Conference and Exposition held May 7-10, 2018, in Orlando, Florida.

Special Coatings Report

Next Generation Coating Technology for Downhole and Topside Oil and Gas Applications

Hardide CVD coatings for mechanical seals

Hardide CVD tungsten carbide/tungsten coatings for use on mechanical seals on heavy-duty rotating equipment for the oil, gas and chemical processing industries.
Paper by Hardide Technical Director, Dr Yuri Zhuk.

High Performance Elastomers & Polymers for Oil & Gas Applications Conference 2012

Presented at High Performance Elastomer & Polymers for Oil & Gas Applications Conference
17-18 April 2012, Aberdeen, UK

CVD Hardide coatings protect internal surfaces and complex shaped parts against wear and erosion

Presented at the 19th Congress of the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering
Glasgow, Scotland 17-20 October 2011

Nano-structured CVD tungsten carbide coating protects against wear and corrosion

Presented at Corrosion 2010
San Antonio, Texas, USA March 14-18 2010

Hardide nano-structured tungsten - tungsten carbide CVD coating as enabler for engineering systems

Presented at Powder Metallurgy World Congress
Washington D.C. USA June 8-12 2008

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