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Wear and Abrasion Resistant Coatings

Wear and Abrasion Resistant Coating

Wear & Abrasion Resistant Coating

Hardness, wear and abrasion resistance are key characteristics of Hardide coatings which have been extensively tested in the laboratory and proven in industrial environments.

Under abrasion testing (ASTM G65) the Hardide coating is up to four times more wear resistant than HVOF WC/Co (9%) – 50 microns of Hardide coating is equivalent to 200 microns of HVOF. It has a wear rate 40 times lower than abrasion resistant steel AR-500, 12 times lower than hard chrome and 500x better than Inconel 718. This outstanding wear resistance is achieved through an optimum combination of coating hardness and toughness. Enhanced hardness protects the coating from ploughing, cutting and fragmentation by hard abrasives. Increased toughness, ductility and compressive stresses of the coating reduces the effects of surface fatigue and prevents micro-cracking - typical wear mechanisms that affect ultra-hard materials.

Unlike HVOF or cemented tungsten carbide materials, Hardide coatings are homogeneous and binder-free which eliminates particle pullout and improves wear and erosion resistance.


The graph below presents the results of abrasion resistance tests performed in accordance with the ASTM G65 standard - Procedures A and B.

  • 4 times lower than HVOF WC/Co (9%) coating;
  • 12 times lower than Hard Chrome coating;
  • 40 times lower compared to AR-500 steel

ASTM G65 Wear Resistance Graph