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Hard Chrome Replacement Coating

Hard Chrome Replacement

Hard Chrome Replacement

Hardide-A has been approved by Airbus as a direct replacement for hard chrome plating (HCP) on specific applications.

Hardide-A has been developed and proven as an attractive replacement for HCP and is a truly conformal coating for standard diameters, complex geometries and internal bores.  The coating matches the standard thickness (50-100 microns) and hardness (800-1200 Hv) of HCP, which simplifies the switch as no dimensional changes or drawing re-design is necessary. During testing, Hardide-A set a new benchmark and demonstrated a better high cycle fatigue endurance than HCP and exceptionally good corrosion resistance when exposed to a salt-fog environment. The coating has successfully completed the first of two test phases for approval on an application for Leonardo.

The coating is featured as an alternative to HCP for severe service valves in a peer-reviewed article in Elsevier’s Materials Chemistry and Physics. The article was authored by Canadian valve manufacturer Velan Inc, the Université de Montréal and Notre Dame University-Louize, Lebanon. Published as “L.Vernhes, et al., Alternatives for hard chromium plating: Nanostructured coatings for severe-service valves, Materials Chemistry and Physics (2013)” and available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.matchemphys.2013.03.065.

 Property Hard Chrome  Hardide-A 
 Wear resistance Good Good
Corrosion Poor (cracked)  Very good resistance to corrosion and acids
 Fatigue  Significant fatigue debit, typically -20% Minimal fatigue debit among hard coatings, ranging from +10% to -10%
Environmental regulations compliance Restrictions by OSHA (US) and REACH (EU)  Complies with current regulations; Process ISO 14001 certified


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