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Corrosion Resistant Coating

Corrosion Resistant Coating

Corrosion Resistant Coating

The homogeneous nanostructure of the Hardide coating provides superior corrosion protection compared with other coatings and has a volume porosity of <0.5% (effectively pore-free) as measured in accordance with ASTM E2109.

The corrosion protective properties of the Hardide coating have been independently tested to compare with hard chrome and other coatings via salt spray tests on Hardide coated mild steel plates, commercially sourced hard chrome plating and HVOF coating.

The 480-hour tests were conducted in accordance with ASTM B117-07a standard. The images below show samples of each of the three coatings after testing. The hard chrome plated samples were badly corroded and had to be removed from test after just 288 hours exposure. HVOF coated samples showed heavy rust stains and the coating cracked due to intensive corrosion of the steel plate beneath. The Hardide coated samples showed only light staining.

Unlike various paints and soft anti-corrosion coatings, Hardide coatings offer the additional benefit of enhanced wear and erosion resistance. The coatings can also be used at temperatures of up to 400°C where organic coatings and sealants cannot.

Samples of three different coatings after salt spray corrosion tests

Corrosion Resistance

HVOF  Hard Chrome Hardide Coating 
after 480 hours after 288 hours after 480 hours