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Binder Free Coatings

Binder-Free Coating

Binder-Free Coating

The Hardide coating structure consists of a metal tungsten matrix with nanoparticles of tungsten carbide dispersed throughout, combining both hardness and toughness.

This helps to prevent abrasion and fatigue, the two main mechanisms of wear. Unlike HVOF, Hardide coating doesn’t need a binder material, which is the weakest link in coating technology. When HVOF binder is worn away, the very hard tungsten carbide grains stick out of the surface and abrade any component material or seal. The Hardide coating has a uniform structure so remains smooth under wear.

Binder free

Cross-section of 60 µm thick Hardide coating. Binder-free, pore-free Hardide tungsten carbide / tungsten coating produced by low temperature CVD. Hardness can be varied from 400 Hv up to 3500 Hv and coating thickness from 1 to 200 µm.