Our coatings for the oil & gas and power generation industries extend the operational life of critical components, reducing downtime by providing superior wear, abrasion, erosion, corrosion and chemical resistance.

Hardide coatings are used extensively in the oil & gas industry on downhole and directional drilling tools that are subject to severe slurry and chemical erosion combined with abrasive wear. Hardide coatings are especially seal friendly and reduce the wear of counter-body materials and provide superior wear, erosion, corrosion and chemical resistance. The result is extended drilling time and less-frequent part replacement.


Recent developments of the Hardide coating process mean we can now coat fine wire mesh and screens. Hardide coatings can be applied to filtration process components such as sand screens to significantly optimise life and performance.


The patented CVD application process means the coating can be precision applied to both internal and exterior surfaces, enabling a level of design flexibility that is not possible with carbides or ceramics. Hardide coatings do not require a binder and are cobalt-free, an important advantage for nuclear applications where cobalt-containing alloys and hard-facing can produce radioactive and hazardous Co60 isotopes if irradiated.


Hardide coatings provide superior protection for many energy industry parts and applications including:

  • Artificial lift equipment

  • Ball valves

  • Cementing tools
  • Choke valves

  • Completion equipment

  • Drill stem test tools

  • Expandable tools

  • MWD and LWD tools

  • Subsea chokes

  • Subsea stab connectors

  • Turbo drilling tools

  • Well stimulation tools