IMechE Steam Turbine and Generator User Group Conference

February 4, 2019

Dr Wolfgang Hahn, Commissioning Manager, Hinkley Point C (HPC) Nuclear New Build at EDF Energy will be joining Hardide Coatings’ Technical Director, Dr Yuri Zhuk and Business Development Manager, Robin Gillham to present the results of a joint project between Hardide Coatings and EDF Energy which has proven that the Hardide CVD coating can extend the life of steam turbine blades.

The trio will be presenting at the IMechE Steam Turbine Users Group annual conference taking place on 13 – 14 March 2019 at Manchester United Football Ground, Old Trafford, Manchester, UK. The paper entitled Nanostructured CVD W/WC Coating with Enhanced Resistance to Water Droplet Erosion can extend life of Steam Turbine Blades will present the result of Water Droplet Erosion (WDE) tests carried out at The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) on behalf of Hardide Coatings and particle erosion testing of Hardide-coated blades carried out at the University of Manchester on behalf of EDF Energy. Visit the IMechE event website for more details and to register.

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