Applied by Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD), the binder-free range of Hardide coatings out-performs HVOF and can be applied on difficult to reach and out-of-sight areas where HVOF cannot be applied, making Hardide the perfect HVOF replacement coating.

Hardide-A coating offers superior performance and advantages over HVOF coatings:

More wear resistant than HVOF WC-83%/Co-17%
Lower erosion compared to HVOF 85WC-10Co-4Cr
Binder-free adhesion bond superior to HVOF
Harder coating than HVOF WC–10Co–4Cr

Unlike HVOF, Hardide coatings do not need a binder material, which is the weakest link in coating technology. When HVOF binder is worn away, the very hard tungsten carbide grains stick out of the surface and abrade any component material or seal.

Hardide coatings’ uniform and homogeneous structure eliminates this problem, offering superior performance by always remaining smooth under wear, eliminating particle pullout and improving wear and erosion resistance. This makes Hardide coatings the perfect HVOF replacement for coating metal parts operating in demanding environments.