June 28, 2023

Hardide plc has secured a patent from the US Patent Office that covers its water droplet erosion resistant coatings for turbine blades and other components.

The patent protects the latest improvements in the Hardide coating material and technology. It relates to Hardide-coated blades and vanes of steam and gas turbines used for power generation, and to the blades and vanes used in the low temperature compressor section of an aircraft engine. The patent also covers Hardide-coated pump impellors, valves and other components that may be subject to cavitation erosion in a liquid.

Philip Kirkham, CEO of Hardide plc, commented: “This is an important addition to Hardide’s IP portfolio. Degradation of turbine blades and vanes by water droplet erosion is a serious problem and the Hardide tungsten carbide/tungsten metal matrix coating is proven to significantly increase the working life of these parts, offering environmental as well as operational benefits.”

The Group holds equivalent patents in the UK, China and Russia. Applications for patents in the Europatent countries, and in Japan, Republic of Korea, India, Canada, Brazil and Vietnam are pending.

The patent protects the exclusive rights of Hardide plc to produce and commercially use these coatings until 2038.

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