Metallurgically bonded protective coating for TSP diamonds

We have developed an innovative new coating for TSP (thermally stable polycrystalline) diamond, a material with the hardness of diamond that is thermally stable up to 1200°C and can be manufactured into many shapes and sizes.

Hardide-D is the first successful high performance coating for TSP diamonds that can withstand the higher temperatures associated with TSP brazing, the extreme thermal and mechanical loads that occur when drilling abrasive and hard formations as well as aggressive media conditions.

Diamonds are notoriously difficult to attach and are prone to oxidation and graphitisation, limiting their hardfacing use to date. Previous attempts to solve these problems have been unsuccessful due to the porosity of other coatings and their weak adhesion to diamond. We overcame these hurdles with the development of Hardide-D as a pore-free tungsten carbide based adhesive and protective coating which chemically bonds to diamond and has good wettability with brazing alloys.

Hardide-D is enabling a new generation of hardfacing materials to be deployed in extremely abrasive wear and erosion conditions such as horizontal and directional drilling, as well as mining, mineral extraction and construction.


Hardness 400 Hv (41 Rc*)
Thickness Typically 50 microns (0.002”)
Toughness Excellent