May 14, 2021

We’re honoured to present the Hardide CVD coating technology to the directional drilling community at the International Association of Drilling Contractor’s (IADD) Profile in Technology webinar on Tuesday, 8 June 2021 at 10-10:30am CDT / 4-4:30pm BST.

Our coatings are used by some of the biggest and most innovative names in the downhole and drilling sector of the oil and gas industry. This webinar will focus on the key benefits of the nanostructured coating in drilling applications including:

Virtually zero porosity for exceptional corrosion resistance, including strong acids and H2S

Coating of Thermally Stable Polycrystalline (TSP) diamonds

Sand Screen Mesh capabilities for completions sand control

Galling prevention using Hardide coatings

Seal-friendly properties of Hardide coatings

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