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 Local Community
Hardide is a socially-responsible Group and monitors its effect on local communities and society in general.
Our new facility is located at an industrial estate away from any domestic housing, thereby eliminating noise that might otherwise affect the local community.
We work actively with a local school to support Year 7 students with their STEM projects.
The Group has taken precautions to protect all its employees, contractors and visitors at both its UK and US sites due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is complying with the relevant guidelines from both the UK government and the State of Virginia. Measures include education and training, signage, re-organising to ensure social distancing in the workplace, temperature checks and more frequent and rigorous cleaning regimes. Where appropriate, and to minimise the number of staff on-site at any one-time, some staff have been able to worked from home and some were ‘flexibly- furloughed’ during the year.
Key Metrics
Responsible Business Ethics
Well before The Bribery Act 2011 (The Act) came into force, the Group had in place a full ’Anti-Bribery Policy’, and also a ’Whistleblowing Policy’. Under guidelines set by the Board, a designated Group Compliance Officer, who reports to the Board, manages the processes and procedures that flow from these policies; in particular the areas perceived to be most at risk from bribery or behaviour that is fraudulent or unethical. Any member of staff may raise in confidence, with any director, concerns about financial or other impropriety. From time to time, the Board considers whether these policies need to be updated. The main provisions of the Act and Group policies and procedures appear in the Employee Handbook. Annually, all staff are required to confirm that they have read, understood and complied with these. Hardide’s anti-bribery policy and guidance thereon may be found on the Group’s website.
Conflict Minerals
The Group has undertaken a due diligence exercise with suppliers of its key process gases which has confirmed that conflict minerals are not used in their production.
Environmental, Social and Governance 39
  Are the CEO’s and Chairman’s roles split?
  Adheres to QCA Corporate Governance code?
 Percentage of non-executive directors on board
  Has an Ethics Policy?
  Has an Environmental Policy?
  Has a Discrimination Policy?

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