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The Group has strong and regularly updated cyber security systems. It has an ongoing contract with an external specialist cyber security company and is accredited to the government-backed Cyber Essentials Plus scheme.
When there is a significant event regarding the Group, full use is made of the Regulatory News Service (the ‘RNS’). Shortly after the full- and half-year results are published, as well when seeking new funding, the
CEO, FD and Chairman make themselves available to present the results in person, or by means of virtual meetings. In addition, the Chairman has regular contact with significant shareholders, and they are free to contact him with any concerns. Face-to-face, telephone or video contact between the Chairman and shareholders is encouraged. This includes letters to significant shareholders inviting them to make direct contact with either him or the Senior Independent Director. Alternatively, shareholders are free to make contact via finnCap or Allenby Capital, the Group’s joint brokers.
From time to time, shareholders visit Hardide’s premises. On these occasions, they are invited to ask questions and are welcome to express concerns that they may have and give their opinion on how they would like to see the Group develop. A video has been produced showing the equipment installed which is available on the Group’s website. Hardide’s website is comprehensive and, as well as statutory documents, includes profiles of directors and descriptions of a wide range of Group features and activity. On request, hard copies of Hardide’s Annual Report are available from the Group.
Other Stakeholders
In addition to shareholders, the Group considers stakeholders to include its employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, the local community and other parties with whom it interacts. As part of its Quality and Environmental Management Systems, the Group has and refers to a comprehensive ‘map’ of all of its stakeholders.
From time to time, all staff are invited to briefings where the CEO presents, explains, and responds to questions about, important developments in the Group or its environment.
Since Hardide’s processes are unique in many respects, new staff are most unlikely to have knowledge of the processes and so require lengthy training. Therefore, the Group attaches great importance to the wellbeing and retention of its staff. All employees have health plan benefits and undergo regular health checks as appropriate to their work activity.
Both UK and US sites are accredited to aerospace Quality Management System AS9100 RevD, and ISO9001:2015. The UK site is also accredited to the international Environmental Management standard ISO 14001:2015 and to Nadcap (National Aerospace Defense Contractors Accreditation Program).
On behalf of the Board,
Robert Goddard
14 February 2022
Corporate Governance Statement 33

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