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Hardide plc is the leading
global innovator and provider
of advanced tungsten carbide coatings that significantly increase the working life of critical metal components operating in abrasive, erosive, corrosive and chemically aggressive environments.
  Hardide® is a family of nanostructured and patented, low temperature CVD (chemical vapour deposition) coatings which provide exceptional wear and corrosion resistance and uniquely combine extreme toughness with ductility. Our coatings are ‘value-adding’ to components and lower operational costs by reducing downtime, increasing productivity and improving performance. They can be precision applied to external and internal surfaces including complex geometries, enabling
a level of engineering design flexibility not possible with alternative technologies.
Hardide surface engineering technology transforms the way that parts perform under severe service conditions. Previously, levels of friction, abrasion and aggressive chemical attack have led to part failure, downtime and extreme cost. Our coatings are enabling customers in high wear/
high value industries including energy, aerospace, flow control, power generation and precision engineering to optimise part life, improve product performance and make significant operating cost savings. The Group has manufacturing facilities in Oxfordshire, UK and Virginia, USA.

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