Hardide coatings can be applied to wire mesh filtration process components such as sand control screens to significantly optimise life and performance.

Wear and erosion of filtration components can be caused by a number of factors, including high temperatures, aggressive chemical environments and exposure to high pressure particle streams.  Hardide coatings can coat and protect filtration mesh vital to many applications and industries, where problems such as the erosion of sand control screens in oil and gas wells, and wear due to char with ash particulate in syngas production, can cause catastrophic completion failures leading to substantial production losses and damage to facilities.

The Hardide coating chemical vapour deposition (CVD) process coats complex geometries and out-of-sight surfaces, providing the ideal solution for the uniform coating of filtration mesh operating in highly abrasive environments.

Hardide - Chemical Resistant Coating

Woven steel mesh

Hardide-coated multilayer woven steel mesh. The coating covers each wire including non-line-of-sight areas.

HVOF - Chemical Resistance

Coated filtration mesh

Hardide coatings can be applied to particle control screens with various aperture sizes

Hardide - Chemical Resistant Coating

Woven steel mesh

The CVD application process provides the perfect solution to ensure a uniform layer of coating at exact thickness

Hardide coatings combine extreme hardness with enhanced toughness providing excellent protection against erosion from high-velocity particle flow. The coatings prove significant operational life extending properties to mesh particle control screens with various size apertures over their uncoated mesh and ceramic counterparts.

By reducing the coating thickness, smaller aperture mesh can also be coated to suit different filtration screen component applications, whilst a thicker Hardide coating provides better erosion protection than other coating processes which cannot provide the same thickness.

Independent erosion tests have shown the Hardide-T coating to have an erosion rate 125 times lower than uncoated stainless steel.

Hardide coatings can be applied to tube or disc type sand control screens: