Independent testing has proven that unlike other hard coatings Hardide-A does not introduce fatigue knock-down and provides a significant improvement compared to hard chrome and HVOF.

Improving fatigue resistance and eliminating costly secondary shot peening processes has been a priority for the aerospace industry for many years. Hardide-A eliminates the need for post-coating shot peening, operations typically required when using traditional coating processes such as hard chrome plating (HCP) with a fatigue knock down of approximately 40% or thermal spray coatings such as HVOF with a fatigue knock down of approximately 30% to 60% depending on geometry.

The Hardide-A fatigue resistant coating recorded a fatigue life increase of +4.5% after coating, achieved due to the coating’s enhanced toughness, compressive residual stresses and homogeneous pore-free structure, which prevent the initiation and propagation of cracks under high-cycle fatigue conditions.