Dr Yuri Zhuk

January 11, 2021

Dr Yuri Zhuk, Technical Director, is to present the Hardide chemical vapour deposition (CVD) technology at Cranfield University’s Surface Engineering and Coatings online course being held from 25-29 January 2021.

Dr Zhuk will present four one-hour sessions daily from Monday 25 – Thursday 28 January to educate participants on the CVD coating process and its applications. The course will provide an understanding of the role that surfaces play in materials behaviour; concentrating on optical applications of coating systems. It will introduce concepts of surface engineering and how surface engineering may be used to optimise a component’s performance. Participants will also learn suitable analytical techniques used to evaluate and characterise surfaces and thin samples. Registrations can be made here.

Dr Zhuk is a Visiting Fellow and a Recognised Teacher at the Cranfield University School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing.

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