Hardide coatings are effectively pore-free and contain no binder-phase, creating a chemical resistant coating that protects substrates against corrosive and aggressive media.

Hardide - Chemical Resistant Coating
Hardide-T coating
Number of grains 0
Total projected area (rel.) 0.0%
Mean grain size -µm
HVOF - Chemical Resistance
HVOF coating
Number of grains 343
Total projected area (rel.) 2.55%
Mean grain size 2.02 µm
Hardide - Chemical Resistant Coating
D-gun WC/Co coating
Number of grains 403
Total projected area (rel.) 1.66%
Mean grain size 0.43 µm

Hardide coatings have a volume porosity of <0.5% (effectively pore-free) as measured in accordance with ASTM E2109.

Free from binder such as cobalt or nickel, the Hardide chemical resistant coating protects substrates against chemical attacks including HCl, H2SO4, HF, H2S and molten metals. Independent NACE TM0177 tests prove the Hardide coating’s resistance to sulphide stress cracking and stress corrosion in H2S environments.