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Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering

Hardide coatings provide excellent protection in demanding high-end precision engineering and industrial applications.

These include speciality material processing applications where resistance to wear or galling is vital e.g. areas working against elastomeric seals, moulds for forming ceramics and plastics and powder metallurgy forming tools and complex IGT components. Applications include:

  • Airport X-ray screening machine components
  • Construction equipment high-wear parts
  • High pressure cylinder adaptors
  • Plastics extrusion feeder screws and die plates
  • Injection tooling
  • IGT & Steam turbine compressor blades
  • Hydraulic manifold blocks
  • Hydraulic cylinders and pistons
  • Helicoil inserts
  • Complex 3D printed components
  • Linear motor drive screws
  • Transmission components
  • Motorsport components
  • Seal sleeves
  • Satellite protection systems
  • Textile feed mechanisms
  • Silicon wafer production