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Coatings for Seals

Actuators & Sealing Sleeves

Actuators & Sealing Sleeves

Elastomeric seals in rotating or reciprocating applications suffer from premature wear in abrasive applications.

Our nano-structured tungsten carbide coatings help prolong seal life and enable the design of high temperature metal-metal seals and bearings.

  • non-porous, binder-free tungsten carbide-based coatings
  • uniformly coat internal surfaces and complex geometries
  • reduce wear of elastomeric and PTFE seals and of counter-body materials
  • enable design of metal/metal seals for high temperature applications

The coatings protect metal plungers and shafts from abrasion and corrosion and prevent the roughening of the metal surface that can accelerate the elastomeric seal wear rate.

  • Hardide coating surface ‘as-coated’ typically 0.6 microns Ra (24 µin)
  • Can easily be finished to 0.2 microns Ra (8 µin)
  • For critical surfaces, the coating can be finished to required surface measurements as low as:
    • 0.02/0.03 microns Ra (0.8 – 1.2 µin) and 0.1 microns Rz (4 µin)

Applications include actuators, completion equipment, ESPs, hydraulic and pneumatic control systems, mud pumps, MWD and LWD tools, pistons/cylinders, positive displacement pumps, ROV drive shafts and turbo drilling tools.

Hardide 'as coated' surface
Hardide coating surface ‘as-coated’.

Nodules partially polished. No pull-out.

Hardide Fully Polished
Fully polished. Ra equivalent to uncoated surface.