Hardide anti-galling coatings are proven to provide superior galling resistance under high load and high velocity dry sliding contact conditions.

Industry tests and real-world applications of Hardide coatings has proven:

Galling after
TE77 industry test
Resists galling at test max contact pressure
More wear resistant than HVOF WC-83%/Co-17%
Fatigue improvement over non-coated components

A common solution to galling is to use two dissimilar materials as they are less likely to suffer from adhesive wear when mating.

By using a Hardide anti-galling coating on one of the mating components, galling can be reduced as the two mating surfaces’ dissimilar compositions and properties will reduce the adhesive surface forces. Hardide coatings are composed of tungsten (the most refractory metal with a melting temperature of 3410°C – the highest among all metals) and tungsten carbide (a refractory ceramic) and are therefore much less likely to ‘weld’.

In addition to their anti-galling properties, Hardide anti-galling coatings also provide superior wear and corrosion resistance. This combination is important for applications where the risk of galling is combined with abrasive or corrosive media as these factors can have a synergetic effect which accelerates surface damage.