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Coatings Range

Coatings Range

Coatings Range

A number of standard coatings are offered for different applications and operating environments. All can coat internal surfaces and complex geometries.

The Coatings Range

Type Hardness Toughness Thickness Applications
800-1200 Hv
(64-72 Rc*)
Excellent Typically 50-100 1-1m Pins, Bushes, Sleeves, Rods,
Hard Chrome replacement and alternative to HVOF coatings
1100-1600 Hv
(70-77 Rc*)
Excellent Typically 50 1-1m Pistons, Seal Housings, Flow Darts,
Bearing Houses, Collets, Adaptors,
Balls, Seats, Bearing Pins, Nozzles, Bushes, Shafts, Choke Cages, Plugs
“Industrial Diamond”
400-2500 Hv (from 41 Rc*. Top end of range is too hard for Rc scale) Excellent Typically 1-50 1-1m Adhesive protective coating for industrial diamonds for most demanding applications
400-500 Hv
(40-49 Rc*)
Excellent From 1 to 200 1-1m Acid-resistant parts for electronics manufacturing and analytical equipment e.g. X-ray anodes. Potential replacement for Cadmium Plating
‘the Rockwell (Rc) values are for illustration only as the Rc hardness test method uses high loads which are not suitable for coatings

Custom Coatings

Customer coatings can be developed for specific requirements. The capability of our in-house technical and engineering teams, and the flexibility of our coatings’ properties allows us to develop coatings for your specific needs.

We can engineer a solution for many complex applications and wear, erosion or corrosion problems that other coating technologies cannot solve e.g: Hardide-A was developed specifically to meet the needs of the aerospace industry and as a direct replacement for hard chrome plating (HCP which faces legislative EU restrictions. Hardide-A matches HCP in thickness (100 microns) and hardness (>800 Hv) and outperforms the material in several key properties including enhanced protection against corrosion, wear and chemically aggressive media. No significant changes are necessary in part dimension or drawings.

We recently developed a coating specifically for a customer who needed high chemical purity and enhanced thermal management properties but not coating hardness. The coating was therefore developed with low hardness, high purity and very low internal stresses to meet this customer’s needs.

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