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Coatings for Oil and Gas industry

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Hardide coatings have many applications in the oil and gas industry both downhole and topside.

Tools operating downhole can be subject to severe slurry and chemical erosion combined with abrasive wear. Hardide coatings are used extensively on directional drilling tools with mud-driven hydraulic parts to extend drilling time and reduce the frequency of part replacement. The coating is seal friendly and reduces wear of the counter-body materials. As the coating can be precision applied to both internal and exterior surfaces, it allows a level of design flexibility that is not possible with carbides or ceramics.

Typical applications for which we provide coatings include:

  • Downhole tools
  • Well stimulation tools
  • Mud-driven hydraulic systems
  • Retrievable packers
  • Pumps for abrasive fluids
  • Stators and impellers
  • Pins
  • Grippers
  • Control valves

Customers include the multi-national service companies, valve manufacturers and specialist drilling and downhole technology providers.